Pace and Pacenet

MEDICARE PART D PLANSRETIREE/UNION COVERAGEEMPLOYER PLANSVETERANS’ BENEFITSPACE/PACENET will help save you copay dollars and out-of-pocket expense. It’s easy! Simply take your PACE card and any other prescription ID cards to your pharmacy.

Call us at 1-800-225-7223

ONLINE: Complete and Submit your enrollment PACE/PACENET application online. Google Chrome works best if printing a copy of the submitted application.

PHONE: Applications can be taken over the phone. Call us at 1-800-225-7223. Please have last year’s income and current insurance information available.

ON PAPER: Download an application and send it to us through mail, fax, or email.

PACE/PACENET Application and Brochure
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PACE/PACENET Application and Brochure (EspaƱol) Download / View

           PO BOX 8806
           HARRISBURG, PA 17105-8806
FAX: 1-888-656-0372


Income requirements based on previous year gross income. This includes taxable and non-taxable sources. Assets are not counted as income.

PACE$14,500 or less for a single person

$17,700 or less for a married couple

PACENET$14,501 to $33,500 for a single person
$17,701 to $41,500 for a married couple

Based on 30-day supply

PACE: $6 Generic; $9 Brand

PACENET: $8 Generic; $15 Brand

Effective January 1, 2023, PACENET cardholders not enrolled in a Part D plan will pay a $41.08 premium at the pharmacy each month they use their PACENET benefit.Effective January 1, 2023, the PACE Program is encouraging cardholders to enroll in a Part D plan because it may provide additional benefits for members.

When filling out the PACENET application, you need to use the previous year’s income, and you need to be past your 65th birthday. If you had an income over the limit in the previous year and have since retired and now have a low income, you will have to wait for the next year to apply.

In the meantime, if you need help with medications, you can call the PA Clearing House at 1-800-955-0989. The will try to help with prescriptions and other services. They can take an application over the phone, or send you a link to fill it out on your own on-line. Three to four weeks after submitting the application, you will get a letter from PA Clearing House asking for documentation for your income, etc. Watch for the PP ID# in the letter and write it on each document you submit. You can also call PA Clearing House for help with a PACE/PACENET application.

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