Executive Summary of a new vision for a National Health Insurance system

Proposal for Post-Obamacare National Health Insurance System Presented by Titus North to Representative Mike Doyle, September 19, 2017 I. Rationale: Obamacare is a mixed bag and will ultimately need to be fundamentally overhauled or replaced. A. Obamacare’s benefits 1. Millions more people with insurance 2. Millions more with highly subsidized polices 3. End to pre-existing


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  GeoBlue, a Blue Cross Blue Shield licensee, offers policies for Americans living overseas. Some of these polices also offer coverage in the United States, and they can be a good alternative to market place (Obamacare) policies as long as you will be spending at least two months abroad.   Home:  https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/index.cfm?link_id=155625&header=y&footer=y&personalized=y Voyager Single Trip: 

The Exchange told me that my income is too small for subsidies, but Medicaid rejected me. Is there anything I can do?

Often there is. The final rules for the Obamacare Exchange include two little-known provisions that can help many people in this situation. The first deals with people who have a lawfully present foreign citizen in the family. Because it was known that many very low income foreign nationals could not qualify for Medicaid, a means

Obamacare Professor

Need plan and pricing information? Even people who have received an eligibility determination from the “Obamacare” Exchange are having trouble viewing specific plan and pricing information over the Healthcare.gov website. We have assembled information on the the plans available in southwestern Pennsylvania as well as much of the rest of the state. Plan and Pricing